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3 Specific Questions to Ask When Building Ad Copy for Social Campaigns

January 19, 2021 12:11 PM

Sometimes marketing on social media can be a lot to handle. Being able to navigate the environment and be effective is usually what separates the winners from the losers.

Although marketing on social media can be quite complex, we came up with 3 simple questions to help develop effective copy for your ads. These questions are questions we ask ourselves when we build out campaigns and the answers to these questions have given us unmatched results for our clients. They helped us… and we sharing it with you because we know it can help. 

The 3 questions involve Desire, Linking your Product/Service, and Understanding how your product/service meets that desire:

What is the Mass Desire That Creates the Market?

A mass desire is an existing want in the marketplace that you’re trying to penetrate. You may not get every part of the mass desire, but the main thing you want to do is tap into that desire in the marketplace. Once that Desire is tapped you can begin to write and strengthen your existing ads. The main key here is creating relevant copy so that the user engages with the ad. The more engagement an ad has, the more likely a user is to convert or buy that product. This question is the beginning part of that process.

How capable is your product or service in meeting this desire?

Part of the second question involves having a strong pulse on your target audience. What is their level of awareness? Do they know what your brand is? Have they seen your product or service before? Do they know what your product or service does/ what it’s like?

Having a pulse on your market is very crucial in coming up with certain copy to address these solutions to their projected problems. The second question ultimately links their desires and problems to your product or service. How does your product or service solve their projected problems? Developing copy that makes this message clear can be extremely effective in the User’s journey through your brand.

How many other products or services have been presented to them before yours?

The purpose of this third question is to be able to dictate what stage of the buying process your market is in. Depending on the market or industry, the audience’s experience can shift in between stages. The 4 stages are Building Awareness, Competitive Awareness, Communicating the Message, and finally Communicating the Mechanism to get that result.

First stage: Are they in the beginning of their stage where they haven’t really seen any other ad or maybe hearing about your brand for the first time? If so, then you can usually go for a more direct response approach. In this stage users may be aware your product exists, but still might be in the early stages of awareness. This is what most sales people would consider “cold market” audiences.

Second stage: Have they seen multiple ads from competitors or your brand? If so, then the budget might be used to outbid other competitors to help increase that awareness. This stage can be what makes the marketing or breaks the marketing. Being able to have copy that sets you apart from competitors can be crucial here. Having a good understanding of how competitors are interacting with the landscape can also give you insight on identifying gaps in the marketplace that can set your brand apart. This stage is usually the stage where the user has experienced your brand or a competitor’s brand multiple times. This is what most sales people would consider a “lukewarm audience.”

Third Stage: Are you communicating the right message and does your audience understand how your product or service is the solution? This stage is all about communicating the result the user would experience by utilizing your product or service. Getting the result is a concise enough idea, but has the audience received the message. This is where the first 2 questions come into play. Identifying the desire and being able to communicate that oftentimes leads to rapport building. The more rapport your brand has the more trust the audience has. The more trust an audience has tends to more conversions for your brand. This is what most sales people consider a “Warm market.”

Fourth Stage: Is your audience aware of the process to get started? This is the stage where the user has a good understanding of your brand and your brand’s ability to solve their problem. They understand your brand is the mechanism to get that desired result. This stage is usually where that buying decision comes into place. Most sales people would deem this stage the “hot market.” The market full of people ready to buy and all that’s needed from them is to understand the next steps.

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