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The Building Blocks to SEO

February 1, 2021 8:00 AM

The video above highlights the 3 main factors of SEO that can help with understanding how your website functions. I remember hearing this when I first got started with SEO and it has not only helped me understand the SEO concept, but it has also helped me generate winning campaigns in SEO.

So let’s get started… SEO shares a lot of similarity with the human body. The bones of the body, the muscle of the body, and the blood stream of the body. I know it’s a little different, but bare with me for a second.

The bones of a website involves the code used to create the site. This can get technical, but ultimately the code determines how the website is structured as well as how the website looks. Not only does the code infrastructure need to make sense, but it also needs to be readable for both humans and crawl bots. Similar to the human anatomy, the bones work in conjunction with the rest of the body. This is the case with technical SEO. The main purpose is making sure the website makes sense, so that the arm bone isn’t connecting to the hip bone. Navigation and menus on the website helps users find the info they need and ultimately help users navigate the site content.

The page content of the website is like the muscle of the body. It adds to what the user sees- the more ripped the muscle, the more defined the term of what the website is. Oftentimes we see aesthetically pleasing pages, but no real meat or content on the page describing what it is. The best way to think of it is how the user is interacting with the content. If they go to an “about us” page and it’s only 2 lines long, then there is no real information that gives the user the necessary background. Also, the bot will only see the 2 lines and deem the page as not as valuable. The other side to that is you don’t necessarily need to stuff your pages with a lot of text. There is a balance to this; just as there is a balance to building muscles.

The last, but not least, of the website anatomy is the blood flow. Blog content and linking are the website’s blood flow. Developing new blog content is equivalent to the body creating new blood cells. The linking to the website and on the website are equivalent to the arteries of the body. They direct the traffic, or blood flow, to the appropriate muscle groups, or pages. Backlinks act as an IV inserted into the body to help it get the nutrients necessary. In this case, backlinks give out “SEO juice” that tell Google that your site is worth linking to. It is one of the factors of how Google determines value, but not the only factor. If there is no linking in the website, then that stops the blood flow. What tends to happen when the blood flow stops? A whole lot of problems. So an easy fix is to make sure that the links are working on your website. Any errors that arise can be fixed by linking to another page.

SEO can get technical, but the main thing is creating a great user experience for your website. The website is the whole body and if you want a successful SEO campaign, you have to identify where the problem areas are and how to remedy them.

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