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The Elysian Meaning and How it Relates to Digital Marketing

May 19, 2020 11:19 AM

The Elysian Meaning

The term Elysian is defined as a characteristic of heaven or paradise. If you look at other sites, you see words like otherworldly, immortal, supernatural, and transcendental.

When we originally created Elysian Digital, we wanted to have a name that instilled a spiritual or otherworldly experience to our marketing strategies. Today the meaning has transcended to an other worldly experience.


Let’s be real… there are plenty of different marketing agencies out there. What separates the companies, however, is the company spirit or more so the experience that the agency can create. Not only does the agency create an experience within the confines of the company, but we believe that experience leaks out into their clients and at the end of the day the end consumers.


We will give you a window to look at our spirit and ultimately give some insight on how to create an otherworldly experience for your brand.

How it Relates to Digital Marketing

Correlating the meaning of Elysian to digital marketing can be quite difficult without first knowing the basic principles of digital marketing. Here are some basic concepts of digital marketing (in no particular order):

·        Digital marketing should be a pleasant experience for both parties.

·        Ads should focus on keeping your consumers engaged with your content. (Yes, you do need content)

·        The more content you produce means the more touch-points your consumers have with your brand.

·        Each content piece should be focused on your overall theme of your brand.


Now that the basics are covered, we can get into the fun transcendental stuff… at least in terms of marketing.

Every person sees the world through their own filters, also known as paradigms. Today’s environment constantly bombards people with ads. As a result, people have developed a way to block out all of the noise. So, how do you get your brand across to them? It’s actually quite simple.  If you can connect with the way someone sees the world, then your brand will go very far. But, if you can consistently connect with them, then you can ultimately create a transcendent experience.

Let’s take a look at digital marketing as dating. In the current space most marketing strategies are trying to get conversions off the first point of contact. The whole “Hey look at my ad, now Buy our stuff.” This is like someone asking you to marry them after they just met you or worse… just walking up to you on the street. Most people don’t respond to that and most brands struggle with that concept.

Conversely, if you see someone you’re attracted to, you ask them out on a date to get to know each other. After a few dates you both realize that you really like each other, so you both decide to make it official. Eventually after building the relationship, you have a lifelong partnership called marriage. *Cue wedding bells*

Marketing is the same way. You want to create multiple touch-points (dates) with your end consumer. The more touch points you have with them means the more likely they are to engage with your brand and be with the brand for the long term.

This is how you create a transcendent experience with your consumers. Connect with them and they will want to connect with you. Abuse them and they will abuse you. By focusing on connection you create another world with your consumer that will eventually last for the long term if built right.

Rome wasn’t built in a day nor was it built by one person. If you need help creating a transcendent world between your brand and consumers, then click below. Let’s build a marketing paradise!

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