Li Plastic Surgery

Case Study

Capturing Market Share Through Content Marketing

Li Plastic Surgery is a Plastic Surgery practice and Medical Spa co-owned by Dr. Kaming Li and Dawn Li. They are a dynamic, compassionate duo that prides themselves on helping their patients chart the best possible path to their surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic goals.


Build a volume of content and develop a consistent, compliant media buying strategy that could build their brand while simultaneously attracting qualified leads.


Elysian helped Li Plastic Surgery modernize their branding, establish a strong social media presence and funnel, and develop a consistent flow of inbound leads.


Because Li Plastic Surgery had an existing logo design located on multiple physical entities (billboard, office building, business cards, etc.) the task was to build an identity system around it. Aside from choosing a color palette and font family that matches a company's current identity, the goal with branding a client is to ensure that their relationship with their customer/audience is consistent both on and offline.

Developing The Strategy

After a series of in-depth consultations with Li Plastic Surgery Co-Founders Dr. Ka Ming Li and Dawn Li, Creative Director Nichelle Quiocson, Copywriter Sergio Hernandez, and Chief Strategist Brandon Dey put together a suite for Li’s brand refresh, social media, and media buying campaigns. A beautiful website, engaging creative that shows the “pretty stuff,” and killer on-brand messaging that serves for social selling. These dovetailed together into a highly segmented funnel that contextually warmed up Li Plastic Surgery’s audience and pitched them based on their level of engagement with Li’s web pages and content pieces.


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