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From Zero to One Million Views... and $20k+ a Month

Anthony Newton founded ORT Manual Therapy (ORT) as a vehicle to provide his services as a certified masseuse, physical, and trigger-point therapist that heals his patients by manually addressing the root cause of bodily injury and returning them to their optimal state. Elysian’s mission? Help Optimal Release Technique establish a foundational digital footprint, develop a core, niche, audience, and leverage it into by a steady, predictable flow of new and repeat clientele.


Develop a digital personality that matched Anthony’s gravitas and professionalism while simultaneously making his audience feel that his therapy services can fix their physical problems.


Elysian helped ORT launch his brand online, develop a core, niche, audience, and attract a steady flow of leads and paying clients through his social platforms. As a result, he now has a book of business that consistently pays him five figures per month.


Understanding what the ORT brand is and who he is a champion for helped define the positioning statement of Anthony as a personality. This set the tone for our creative process. Anthony's main demographic of clients range from office workers to professional boxers, but the common thread underneath that was poor care from previous chiropractors and physicians. Combining these traits along with Anthony's bold personality helped form a unique position for ORT in the digital space.

Developing The Strategy

After an in-depth consultation with ORT Founder Anthony Newton, Creative Director Nichelle Quiocson and Chief Strategist Brandon Dey put together a full-funnel strategy for ORT’s 2019 campaign. Engaging creative that does social selling – in other words, establishes authority, showcases social proof, handles objections, and addresses cognitive biases. That creative was used to attract ORT’s audience into a content funnel, which was then segmented using audience tools to strategically place curated pieces of content in front of the most engaged members of ORT’s target audience, and sell those that were most likely to purchase.


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